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A Beginners Guide to Adult Sex Toys (Male & Female)

So, you’ve come to discover the exciting world of adult sex toys. And yes, it’s fascinating. It could be something you and your partner talked about, it could have popped up in a discussion with your friends, or you only decided you need to spice up your sex life, either way, toys can be beneficial.

However, they can also be a little overwhelming. Thanks to all the different designs, colors, and shapes, it’s hard to know where you should start. Luckily, you landed on this introduction to bedroom toys for beginners. It will break things down for men and women who are interested in bringing another dimension to the bedroom. And hopefully, it will make your journey more pleasurable and less intimidating.

Bedroom Sex Toys For Women – An Overview

We are going to start with the ladies, seeing as they tend to have a wider variety of toys. And an excellent way to approach the toy selection is by first knowing what you need. More specifically, what are you looking to achieve?

For example, you might want a toy that combines clitoral stimulation with penetration. So, that’s the type of search you should start with. Get specific about what you are looking for and try not to focus on the “noise” that surrounds it.

Regarding why so many women are investing in bedroom toys, the list is quite extensive. It could be fantasy based or merely to enhance the pleasure. The fact is that the right toy can bring another dimension to your sex life and increase the excitement.

Different Types Of Sex Toys

When you do decide to explore the bigger list of bedroom toys, prepare to be amazed. This is because there are so many to choose from. In fact, you even get toys that look like typical household decor. But to give you some perspective on how you can fulfill your needs with the right toy, here is a quick overview of the categories the toys are arranged in.

– Dildos

Dildos typically represent the shape of a penis and are used for penetration, but it doesn’t always stick to traditional contours. The edges can be smooth or rough, and the size-range is incredible. As expected, some dildo designs can vibrate while others are more basic. You can also expect the materials with which they are made to differ a lot.

– Vibrators

Just like the dildos, you will see vibrators in many shapes, forms, and colors. One of the most popular has to be the magic wand, but over the years a lot of new gadgets started sharing in the popularity. To make things a little more interesting, some vibrators can work with remote controls. But take note, not all vibrators are suitable for internal use. Visit this resource where experts review various models.

– Sex Dolls

Yes, there are sex dolls available for women as well, and some of them get quite close to the real thing. Although, they are usually much more expensive.

– Other

The world of adult toys for women is growing every day, meaning new and exciting toys are waiting around the corner. Take for example the Vacuum, which is designed for suction around the clitoris. It’s very discreet and something worth experimenting with.

Elements To Remember

Using any of the toys mentioned above can help you achieve more exciting levels in the bedroom, but keep hygiene and safety in mind. For example, when you buy a toy, make sure to read the manual. Pay attention to the ways it shouldn’t be used, because then it turns pleasure into danger.

You also want to be vigilant about cleaning the toys appropriately, given the way they are used. For the most part, a little bit of soap and clean water will do the trick, but some toys require more maintenance.

As an extra tip, it is recommended to add some lubrication to the mix. And if there is going to be penetration involved, stick with water-based lube.

Bedroom Toys For Males – An Overview

While the guys don’t have as many options regarding male sex toys, they have another selection that makes up for it. Given that guys have a primal instinct to satisfy their partners, many of the toys are geared towards aiding an erection. In other words, help it to stay harder for longer. Nevertheless, the guys still have plenty of bedrooms to choose from, and they are divided between the following.

Different Types Of Toys

– Male Masturbators

Masturbators are the male equivalent of dildos for women. They come in many shapes and sizes, and they are pretty straightforward regarding use.

– Fleshlights

Realism is the name of the game for fleshlights, and it functions primarily like any other masturbating toy. The contours of the female genitals are made to be as close to human as possible, as well as the texture. Some of them come with extras like sucking and vibrations, while others are more basic.

– Sex Dolls

It is said that the first sex dolls were created by the French while on their ships, discovering the oceans. Nobody thought the cushioned companions they used back then would end up looking as realistic as they do today. In fact, sexbots are all the craze right now if you have the money to test something more futuristic.

– Other

As mentioned earlier, some toys are there to help the guy maintain his erection. Of course, there is some stimulation involved as well, and it probably feels quite nice, but these toys have a dual purpose. For example, a vibrating cock ring can be stimulating and helpful, all at the same time. Another favorite toy to help with length is the penis pump. They are incredibly popular and worth trying. Click this link to visit the top resource online which reviews all the latest sex toys for men.

Elements To Remember

Just like with the ladies, always read the instruction manual before putting the toy to use. Safety and hygiene should be your primary rules before pleasure and excitement.

Sex Toys For Couples

In case you were wondering, there are toys that are designed for couples as well. Obviously, you can use the toys mentioned above in a couple of situation, but some toys will give both of you pleasure at the same time.

Mostly, everything depends on what you and your partner find stimulating. Another good example would be role-playing and dressing in specific costumes. And even though latex and clothing aren’t fundamentally toys, they do serve the same purpose. So, let your wild side come out and explore your bedroom toys options.

Final Words Of Advice

Even though bedroom toys can be incredible in many ways, the should be used with caution. For example, guys are known for their pride, especially when it comes to pleasing their partner. And do you want them to compete with a vibrator that’s permanently hard and ready to go? The same goes for the guys. A pocket vagina that’s always willing shouldn’t be able to replace the woman in your life.

Instead, bedroom toys should be used to enhance the experience, not create competition. In other words, have an explicit conversation with your partner before bringing any toys into the bedroom. Because the moment they feel they need to compete with the toys it can turn a right situation into a bad one.

For those who are single and don’t have someone to take care of them every night, it doesn’t have to be boring anymore. There is a world of beautiful toys waiting to satisfy you. You have to decide which one it’s going to be.